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Women For Action Times is a new print publication which furthers our mission to champion the work of women-firsts, award winning subjects and other innovators to educate the public about their unique experiences and some of the challenges they face. Telling a story about one particular woman in one region, could impact women and girls in another. We aim to bring you compelling interviews and stories to start a discussion, exchange a dialogue or even initiate a wave of action! In addition to interviews with women leaders, Women For Action Times promotes human rights issues as well as advocacy campaigns to spur the help and aid of activists, humanitarian and philanthropists.

Aside from the stories we share on our nonprofit website, www.womenforaction.org, Women For Action Times is available for download to anyone in any part of the world. The print newspaper can be delivered to anyone in the United States.

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Our Mission

Women For Action tells stories about the under-recognized efforts of women-firsts, award winning subjects and other women of significance. We search for innovators with a vision and tell their stories. We champion their efforts to create a discussion and initiate a wave of action across the globe.

Our Publications!

Women For Action Magazine brings you interviews and updates on a wide range of global women’s issues!

A magazine with an intersectional feminist perspective

Lean In Ohio 100 Women Archives: A Keepsake of Interviews with Women Trailblazers
(Published by Women For Action)

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Women For Action is a 501(c)(3) organization which works to do public good by elevating the voices of women and girls across the globe through an interview series.


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