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Introducing the all-new women’s rights publication, Women For Action Magazine, media with an intersectional feminist perspective.

What is intersectional feminism?  Unlike traditional feminism, intersectional feminism addresses the impact of one's multiple social identities such as her or his gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, disability and so on. For instance, the discrimination can be compounded by being both black and female or black, female and disabled. Intersectional feminism advocates the inclusion of not just women, but for all women facing various disadvantages.

Women For Action Magazine brings you interviews and updates on a wide range of women’s issues, and gives you the tools you need to make your organization, library or the world a more equitable place. Subscribe today, and see why this one of the most important magazines you’ve ever encountered.

The full version of Women For Action Magazine is available in both print and digital. Capture a highlighted story every month for free via our website at www.womenforaction.org.

Women For Action Magazine is a triannual publication being distributed three times each year; The first issue launches in March 2018, the second in July 2018 and the third, in November 2018. When you subscribe, you become eligible for freebies and special offers!

On the cover of our July - October 2018 Issue is a watercolor painting of Numa Perrier, actor-writer-filmmaker, and founder & creative director of House of Numa 

Also, if you would rather your copy or subscription be sent to someone else instead,  we have included a list of organizations that are doing powerful work. Feel free to notate the organization of your choice when you subscribe or shoot us an email at info@womenforaction.org.

AAUW (American Association of University Women)
APIAHF (Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum)
APALA (Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance)
The Council On America-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
Economic Policy Institute
Equal Pay Today
Gender Justice
Institute for Women's Policy Research
The Leadership Conference
LCLAA (Labor Council For Latin American Advancement)
Lean In
The National Council of Negro Women
National Immigration Law Center
National LGBTQ Task Force
National Women's Law Center
Native American Rights Fund
Planned Parenthood
She Should Run
USNC for UN Women
Women Employed
Women Veteran Alliance

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Wait! 2020 is the centennial for women having the right to vote. Also, we propose that women will be running for public office in record numbers. That's why we are saying it first! "Women will win in 2020!"

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Our Mission

Women For Action tells stories about the under-recognized efforts of women-firsts, award winning subjects and other women of significance. We search for innovators with a vision and tell their stories. We champion their efforts to create a discussion and initiate a wave of action across the globe.

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Women For Action Magazine brings you interviews and updates on a wide range of global women’s issues!

A magazine with an intersectional feminist perspective

Lean In Ohio 100 Women Archives: A Keepsake of Interviews with Women Trailblazers
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Women For Action is a 501(c)(3) organization which works to do public good by elevating the voices of women and girls across the globe through an interview series.


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