Women for Action 2015 Year In Review

Founded in 2008, Women For Action is a content provider which advocates gender equality and free speech to promote women of influence and educate the public about some the challenges they face.

Here is our list of 10 great things that occurred in 2015:

1. Women For Action increased the number of signatures for the petition to raise Women’s Equality Day to a federal holiday. However, the petition still has a long way to go! Can you say 99,128?

2. Though it did not reap the results we hoped for, in our second quarter of 2015, our organization embarked on a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for our Women’s Equality Exhibit, an educational exposition which spotlights women-firsts, award-winning subjects, and other innovators. We gave it an extraordinary try. But it did not stop our progress. Matter of fact, it gave Women For Action a boost! Take a look...

4. In July 2015, Women For Action partnered with human rights organizations such as Chicago’s Unicef, Muslim American Leadership Alliance and the United Nations Association- Greater Chicago Chapter to screen award winning film The Price of Honor which educates audiences about honor violence.

5. In August, we had a chance to advocate on the passing of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) after interviewing writer and film producer Kamala Lopez who discussed details about her new film and innovation Equal Means Equal and the ERA Education Project.

6. In the fall of 2015, Women For Action became a Leanin.org partner and is working  to spread the word about women’s empowerment tools and resources.

7. As an extension of our Leanin.org partnership, we are collaborating with the Lean In Dayton chapter to interview 100 women influencers in the Dayton, Ohio region.

8. The collaboration has enabled Women For Action to expand its midwest outreach to the Dayton, Ohio region.

9. In November, we launched a new accessible and easy to use website.

10. In December, we released Women For Action Times, a unique women’s rights print newspaper which works to expand our stories locally and abroad.

Lean In Dayton chapter meet and greet, December 17th, 2015

We are proud of these 2015 educational projects:

1. We provided an educational essay on femicide and invited our members to screen the film, "Femicide in Latin America".

2. In conjunction of our interview with global women's rights activist and artist Zainab Khan, also an expert on honour-based violence, we screened the documentary "The Price of Honor" to educate the public about the challenges some Middle eastern women face.

3. We provided an updated educational essay on human trafficking and spotlighted the aftermath of Nepal's two earthquakes in an additional essay expounding on the nation's susceptibility to trafficking.

    Smartest decision of the year: 

    We are thrilled to announce our most successful achievement of 2015 - Women For Action Times, a print newspaper which champions the voices of women and girls around the world. The newspaper works to extend our interviews and stories to the doorsteps of businesses and residences across the nation.

    Biggest risk we took in 2015:

    We embarked on a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for our Women's Equality Exhibit even though we were unsure how it would turn out. Yet, we wanted to take our idea to the public. Due to insufficient funding, we moved the project to March 2016. It is now being labeled the Women's History Makers Project.

    It the symbol artwork for the Women's Equality Exhibit which is titled the “Windows of Opportunity”, a 16”x20” watercolor painting centered around women’s equality as well as diversity and inclusion, hand-painted by our executive director, Julene Allen. There are six women from different backgrounds in a window bordered with gold leaf enamel. In the background, the sun is setting, an ancient symbol for the masculine, which eludes to the idea that a special opportunity is available with the alliance of all sisters in the movement, to crossover and make a leap for equality.

    Three goals we wish to achieve in 2016 are:

    1. For our members, we are building an educational audio archive comprised of key excerpts from our past interviews. These excerpts will be categorized under the following labels to advocate for: gender equality, women and leadership, and diversity and inclusion. The archives will be solicited to educational institutions.

    2. We plan to facilitate a deeper level of engagement by offering enhanced benefits to our members and other special rewards to the rest of the Women For Action community.

    3. We are looking to expand our reach and support through volunteers and funding. For example, professional writers will have the opportunity to submit their work to our newspaper. If we like it, we will publish it in a future issue. Additionally, as our newspaper subscriptions increase, we are looking to gain the sort of advertisers that would enable us to grow our programs.

    Support Us:

    This year was tumultuous but rewarding. We believe that 2016 will be a year for growth, spurred by the developments within 2015. We welcome you to become a part of our community of supporters to help us achieve our goals because the success of just one woman is highly predicated on the support of others! Join us in 2016!

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