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The Women History Makers Project: Trailer

Women History Makers Project-- Trailer from Women For Action on Vimeo . Being launched thi...

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The Women History Makers Project: Video Promo

Through an interview series, Women For Action recognizes the advancements made by women by c...

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Women History Makers Project: Introduction

Through an interview series, Women For Action recognizes the advancements made by women ...

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SLIDESHOW: Honoring Black Women Inventors

By JULENE ALLEN View the slide show In the early 1900s an African Americ...

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SLIDESHOW: Women Behind The Civil Rights Movement

By JULENE ALLEN <a href="http://slideful.com/v20150119_1569984111024920_pf.htm"...

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Women for Action 2015 Year In Review

Founded in 2008, Women For Action is a content provider which advocates gender equali...

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Introducing Women For Action Times

Women For Action Times is a new print publication which furthers our mission to champion the ...

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Interview with Three-time Emmy Award-winning Reporter Sallie Taylor

By JULENE ALLEN Jack Pohl and Sallie Taylor on set of Living Dayton. Photo via Three...


In Our April/May Issue of Women For Action Times, We Ask, "Why Do Too Few Run?" For Political Office



Why Aren't There More Women In Politics?
Women occupy less than 20% of the Congressional seats and there are only five women Governors. Why haven't they made greater strides? Congresswomen Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Marsha Blackburn weigh in.

Women Face Unique Challenges in US Politics
While the number of women who are in the U.S. Congress has reached a record high, they make make up just 20% of the House and Senate combined - much less than the U.S. population at large where just over half the number of Americans are women. The percentage of women in the U.S. holding public office lags behind other countries, including some not considered "high income" nations. At the Milken Institute Global Conference held in Los Angeles, some political insiders explained why there is still a gender gap in U.S. politics. More from Elizabeth Lee in Los Angeles.


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